Graphic Designing

As humans we can’t help but to be visual people. Whether you’re passing a billboard, flipping through a magazine, watching TV or surfing the web. We see content everywhere. But do you remember any of it? Do you remember what that ad was for when scrolling down your social media page?

So, We DOTIVATE Training & Consultancy Agency is make sure that your content is not only engaging but consisting of all elements to create lasting impressions.

Graphic designing, if one can understand, is actually a complete language. It gives your thoughts and ideas a visual look illustrating your text, symbols and images in a more represented form. Great designs are those which are decent and clear. Here the point to add and think is that designs that are simple are actually more complicated.

Graphic designing is an activity that most people acquire for pleasure or as a hobby and most of them adopt it as a profession. People find a piece of amusement in graphic designing. There are many different categories in graphic designing including web designing, publication graphic designing, postcard graphic designing, Pinterest graphic designing, packaging graphic designing etc. People are confused if graphic designing is a good profession to be adopted. Here they can be answered yes because its scope has been becoming wide nowadays and a good graphic designer earns about 3 lacs per year either through freelancing that is a work from home opportunity. The way is to put your designs as samples to show your quality of work that may attract customers and may choose you for their work. And either he can create his own market place or business website.

People sometimes use the word art and design as the same thing but there’s a huge difference. Art appears inside design and graphic designing combines art and ideas together in a single format.  The most important thing that a design needs, is its content without which design is just a piece of decoration. Graphic designing is to depict content and they depend on words to produce a message but use words differently as content writers do. People use graphic designing to represent their contents because people are more attracted to designing rather than just simple writings.


There are many apps designers use for graphic designing. Different designers use different apps in which they are comfortable and feel easy to use. Although some most famous and good apps are Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Pixlr, Snappa etc. All are free to use and have uniques features and users experiment with different effects to get the best of their work. Understanding graphic designing sometimes takes time but those who have creative minds can do and learn easily. It can be learned easily through online workshops and YouTube.

Nowadays, universities also offer programs for graphic designing and make the whole department for this. The most important skills that a good graphic designer should have is excellent IT skills and also of awareness of the latest trends of designs to produce alike or more upgraded designs that can be used in this commercial environment. He must remain updated with the latest modes to move in the competition in this society.

So, here are some objectives of DOTIVATE Training & Consultancy Agency which we follow while making the Graphic Designs. So, We’ll know what you’ll need.

We find your Goal.

Focus on Color Scheme.

Text & Typography.

Contrast & Design.

Visual Identity.

Consistency & clear understanding.

Know your platform.

Keep it simple & Creative.

Graphic Designing Investment Plans

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We honored to serve you with world’s cheapest services price list. Our Goal is to provide you creative professional services at a cheap rate. We’re assuring that we save your money up to 50% by taking our services.

Many factors affect the cost of graphic design services, but the aim of DOTIVATE Training & Consultancy Agency is to provide their customers/clients with the best creative design at very cheap cost.

So, here are some Graphic Designing Packages of DOTIVATE Training & Consultancy Agency.